"My day learning to cook good Indian food at the Little Indian Kitchen was a delight. The atmosphere couldn't have been more relaxed and at times it felt like cooking along with a friend rather than being given insights into ingredients and techniques (which I certainly was). I was fortunate enough to have a little experience before going along and I can say without hesitation that if you're looking to build on your experience and create more authentic dishes then this is a great way to do so."

A Bearpark, Hampshire

"We just wanted to say thanks very much for a fun and informative evening.  We found the techniques you taught us really useful and its great to have the pack you gave us to take away to go back to for reference.  It was a perfect birthday present for Rich as it was a chance to learn about indian cooking in a relaxed environment and the pakoras we made kept us going for days!

We were really happy with the mix of food we made and are now planning a big pot of chicken curry for our NYE party!"

Claire & Rich, London.

"Thank you very much for sending the recipes,  I shall enjoy trying them.  I certainly thoroughly enjoyed the cooking lessons.  I learnt alot even though I think of myself as a fairly experienced cook.  Learning about the spices was very interesting and I shall enjoy trying all the spices we bought."

J Underwood, London

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Saturday- we had a brilliant time and have all come away eager to cook!

- a lot of the enjoyment of the day came from your happy and relaxed disposition- we all felt totally relaxed and able to ask questions and enjoy ourselves"

Claire, Kent

"We had a really great time and Mike loved his Christmas gift. We put the skills you taught us to good use on Saturday and spent the afternoon making curry and making breads. We are now on a hunt for a flat pan so we can make the breads professionally! Thank you so much for a very fun day."

Angel & Mike, London

"Lorna just a quick note to say thanks very much for looking after me yesterday, I loved the whole experience and the food was delicious. The last was just finished off by my very grateful work colleagues!"

Mike, Putney

"I had an absolutely wonderful time with you at the Little Indian Kitchen!

It was definitely one of the best Christmas presents I have ever been given. I didn't feel at all nervous or self-conscious about the limits of my knowledge or my abilities and I came away knowing so much more than I did when I walked through the door. Moreover I found myself having so much fun throughout the afternoon tasting the food through the various stages, growing to appreciate the different spices used, and trying my hand at things like pakora that I'd never attempted to cook before. The recipe pack that you gave me to take away at the end has been invaluable as I have tried cooking the dishes since the class, and have started grinding my own garam masala. I'm hosting a dinner party in a few weeks just to try out all of the dishes you taught me!

I would without hesitation recommend your cookery course to anyone interested in learning to cook curry, or indeed with an interest in cookery in general. I had so much fun working under you in the kitchen, and you made me feel so relaxed, welcome and at home!

So thank you very much! I shall certainly bear you in mind when thinking of presents for friends and relations in the future!"

Pete, Cambridge

"Thank you so much for the wonderful class, i really enjoyed it and it made understanding it all so much easier! It was really nice having such a personal touch to the class and it was really laid back and casual. I have since re-created your lovely lentil curry for my fellow actors on my tour and they LOVED it! I made tons so we will be eating it for weeks and we definately wont be complaining because it turned out lovely! Turns out i can cook! So thankyou, not only did we all have a wonderful day with you but i have taken away great skills and i will keep making the delicious dishes, they're definately my best dishes now! and definately better than super noodles!!!!"

Kerry, London

"You may recall it was a birthday present from my girls, and I can truly say it was the best present I've ever had.  Your friendly, welcoming and relaxed style made the day really enjoyable, and the pace and manner in which you explained the cooking steps and the ingredients made the whole learning process so much easier.  There was a good variety of dishes cooked, and each of us got directly involved in preparing the dishes, which was very rewarding.  The fact that they tasted so good afterwards was a real bonus! The course has certainly inspired me to cook more often.  I would certainly recommend the course to any budding cooks,  and would further recommend booking for a family treat.  It certainly gave me a wonderful day for my birthday, and the experience will be a very fond memory for a long time to come."

Kevin, London

"The afternoon was fantastic, it not only taught me a lot of new things it showed me how much I already knew which in turn has given me confidence to experiment further at home.

I learnt that I rush things and the difference that a little patience and fresh ingredients makes is huge. The curry we made during the lesson was like an explosion of flavours in my mouth and the pakora made me massively popular in the office the next day.

Thanks once again - I would recommend (and have done!) the one to one lesson to any aspiring indian cook of any ability. "

Mat, London

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